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Avio turbines for new "Virginio Fasan" FREMM frigate


DISCLAIMER: Press releases in the present section refer to the period before the purchase by Nuovo Pignone Holding S.p.A. (General Electric Group) of the Company business unit relative to the aeronautical activities of Avio S.p.A., which took place on 1 August 2013, following the stipulation on 21 December 2012 of the contract of sale with regard to this Company business unit. Starting from this date, all activities regarding the design, development and manufacture of accessory drive trains and power transmissions, low-pressure turbines, combustors, afterburners, subsystems and MRO and CRO activities for civil and military aeronautical engines were transferred to Nuovo Pignone Holding S.p.A. and became an integral part of the business of GE Aviation.

Rivalta di Torino (Turin), 3 April 2012 – Within nine months of the launch of its twin frigate the “Carlo Bergamini”, the second Italian FREMM (FRegate Europee Multi-Missione) frigate was consigned on Saturday 31 March, which originated from Italian-French collaboration. The FREMM ships are equipped with the LM2500+G4 propulsion system produced by Avio in partnership with General Electric. The new ship has a crew of 145; it has a length of 140.4 metres, a beam of 19.7 metres and a full-load displacement of ca. 6,000 tonnes. It can reach a speed of 27 knots, based on the type of propulsion that foresees a CODLAG/CODLOG hybrid system (combination of a diesel motor for the electric propulsion, and a gas turbine).

The launch of the Virginio Fasan frigate – Gold Medal for Military Valour – built at the Fincantieri naval shipyard of Riva Trigoso (Genoa), is included in the Italian–French FREMM programme that foresees the construction of 11 frigates for the French Navy, 10 for the Italian Navy and 1 for the Moroccan Navy, all equipped with the Avio-General Electric LM2500+G4 propulsion system.

Besides the propulsion system produced at the Brindisi industrial plant, Avio also supplies the electronic control system (TCS) that automatically manages the turbine, reducing maintenance times and simplifying ship handling operations, completely developed by the Group’s Electronics & Electrical Systems Division.

Avio and General Electric designed, developed and built the first application in the marine field of the new LM2500+G4 gas turbine, which generates an increase in power greater than 11% compared to the previous model of the LM2500 family. The aeroderivative gas turbine installed on the FREMM frigates guarantees remarkable reliability and an operating experience of over 13 million sea operation hours accumulated from the LM2500 models. The same product powers the Italian-French Horizon class frigates and is the motorisation of the Italian aircraft carrier, the Cavour.

The FREMM frigates represent the most important military naval programme produced in Europe since the end of World War II, and Avio participation in the programme confirms the reliability of the technology and excellence of the Group at world level.


Avio is an international group, leader in the aerospace sector, headquartered in Turin (Italy). Founded in 1908, it is present on 4 continents with commercial offices and 12 industrial sites. It has about 5,200 employees, of which about 4,400 work in Italy. Company revenues in 2011 were over €2 billion. The Group operates in following business areas: Aeronautical; Space; MRO and Services; Aeroderivative Gas Turbines for Marine and Industrial use; Control and Automation Systems, and Electrical Systems. It is active in the field of technological R&D through a network of laboratories located on Italian University campuses, and collaborates with 24 Italian and international universities and research centres.